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the Porters

We are a husband and wife filmmaker duo that has set our sites on Wedding Films. After not hiring a videographer for our own wedding, we have been filled with regret ever since. We vowed to take our combined 15+ years of filmmaking background and use it to help couples make better choices than we did. The correct choice of having a wedding film of their big day.

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Manda Porter

When not wrangling two adorable children or belting Disney tunes, Manda is busy running operations at Porterhouse Weddings. She's there to make sure no detail is missed when making your wedding film. 

On your wedding day you can expect to see Manda capturing small details of your décor, hyping up you and your wedding party, and potentially lying on the floor to grab some cinematic shots.

"I'm here to help with whatever you need, doll. This is going to be beautiful!"

Bryce Porter

Bryce started out his long filmmaking journey by making horribly cringeworthy YouTube videos with his friends in 2005. His love for filmmaking landed him in film school, wherein he earned his bachelor's. After editing videos for various youtubers, influencers and even Oprah, Bryce found he was happiest when editing weddings. He then convinced his engaged friends to let him film their wedding, and immediately found his new passion.

During the day, you can expect Bryce to be walking around with a robot camera, commenting on how beautiful your voice will sound in the edit, and chatting up grandmas.

"That's going to look so good in the edit!"

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